MacArthur Transit Village - Infrastructure

MTV Block D MTV Parking Structure Completed


The subject property for the MacArthur Transit Village (MTV) development is the MacArthur BART Station parking lot. The BART parking lot is a depressed area that lies about 3 to 13 feet below adjacent City streets and neighboring properties. The MTV development plan divides the site into six parcels and includes new internal streets that connect the parcels to adjacent streets and the BART Plaza. The new streets will require significant fills to be placed above existing grades. The planned infrastructure improvements include construction of a new parking structure to accommodate the parking demand of commuters.

Rockridge Geotechnical performed a geotechnical investigation for the new parking structure and provided geotechnical recommendations for infrastructure improvements. The parking structure is supported on auger pressure grouted partial displacement piles. We are currently providing geotechnical observation and testing services during construction for the parking garage and planned infrastructure improvements.